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January 12, 2004 by anguissette
Mongolian names fall into several categories.

Names that commemorate a special event. Temujin "Of Iron" was named for a enemy cheiftan defeated by his father.
Animal names. Khasar "Terrible dog"; Khulan "wild horse"; It Kuujujuk "Little Dog";
Character traits. Batu "confident"; Bataar "hero"; Bilig "Intelligent";
Weapons, tools, or other objects. Jebe "arrowpoint"; Suke "ax"; Khada'an "Rock"
Color or beautiful objects Altan "gold"; Erdene "jewel" Oyunchecheg "turqoise flower"; Gho'a "...
January 12, 2004 by anguissette
Horses in Asia and North Africa
Horses of Mongolia:

Hsiao tsou and ta tsou, the small amble and the great amble: these were the two highly important gaits which set the seal of perfection upon a Mongol horse. These gaits were abnormal for a horse, but much sought after by all central Asia peoples and also by the Chinese. They make for an absolutely smooth and level journey for the rider, allowing him to sit at ease on a saddle padded with huge cushions, while at the same time his pony move...
January 12, 2004 by anguissette
A rider born and bred, yet pale beneath the delicate gilt of sunkissed skin, tall, lithe, a slip of lean muscle, this slender young woman exudes pantherine grace and elegance, for all that strength is hinted in the supple lines of her figure, as the finest of tempered steel blades. A keen and deadly beauty, that though delicate, again belies confidence and fearlessness, nose patrician, catlike, tilted eyes a startling brilliant bistre beneath thin arched eyebrows. Her chin is point...
January 12, 2004 by anguissette
Here are a few useful resources for the avid roleplayer who wishes to add a touch of realism to his/her rp. Elendor is a roleplaying game that varies widely. As the top Tolkien site and largest Tolkien-themed MUSH in the world, the average player will encounter all kinds of situations, characters and fellow players, so it pays to do your homework if you want to add flavor to your character and your roleplaying experience.The Easterling horde on Ele is influenced and largely based on Mongolian, M...
January 12, 2004 by anguissette
Welcome to my roleplaying journal.

Before I continue, I must personally state that I dislike roleplay in real life (offline at least). It's a bloody waste of time and makes people look like fools. But online roleplay, albeit dimensional only as you can make it, has the added benefit of anonymity - your own identity doesn't get in the way of crafting an imaginative story. It's a loser's hobby, but it's infectious. I've been on and off MU*s for nearly seven years now, and living life in between...